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While we hope our website is clear and detailed, we appreciate that there might be questions we haven’t answered elsewhere on the site. We will send a comprehensive brochure out to you if you choose to give us your details but in the meantime, you can find answers to some of the FAQs, here.


The first step is to send us some more information Look at our submission page.
If you wish to submit to Cherish Editions, your manuscript must be finished.
That’s totally fine. While we encourage authors to be open about their experiences, we appreciate that this may not always be possible or practical; writing under a pen name is not a problem if you’d be more comfortable with that.
Yes, we do accept poetry and fiction.
We aim to get back to authors within two months (eight weeks) from submission. It is usually much quicker than that, but it depends on the volume of submissions at any given time, as well as the season (some months in publishing are far busier than others!)
If you own the rights to them, we will consider publishing them. If your book’s already available, we’ll need you to take it down off Amazon if you do sign a contract with us, so that there’s no conflict of rights or metadata. If you have ever published the book with another company, you’d need to provide proof that you own the rights to your book. If there is any mention in their contract that they own the rights, that means that you wouldn’t be free to publish with Cherish, as it would breach the terms of their contract.
All Cherish Edition books are published in demy paperback format. This is an industry standard trim size of 216 x 138mm. They are also available in ebook formats (which we upload to Amazon and Apple - the two biggest ebook retailers). We offer audiobook conversion and distribution as an additional service, which isn’t included in the standard fee. Contact us for details.
We set a publication date around eight months after the date that you sign up. On receipt of your signed contract, we’ll send you a personalised schedule, so that you can see how long each stage of the process will take, and at which points we’ll need to hear from you.
You will receive 50% of the net receipts of each sale, ie. a quarter of the amount that’s left over once retailers’ discounts and country-specific taxes have been applied. Royalties are reported and paid out on a six-monthly basis. And that part of the royalties that Cherish receives, goes to Shawmind.
Our editors will flag anything they spot that could be an issue but ultimately, as the author, you are responsible for ensuring there are no breaches of copyright or instances of libel in the manuscript. The story must be your own, and you need to own the rights to publish it (you will retain the copyright to your book when publishing through Cherish). Copyright can be a tricky issue, so we advise that if there’s anything you’re unsure about, you look for more comprehensive advice online, and perhaps consult a legal professional. It’s always best to avoid quoting song lyrics - getting permission to use them is almost impossible… and you might wish to familiarise yourself with ‘fair use’ with regards to other types of content. To be safe, try to avoid saying something overly negative or untrue about an organisation or an individual: although a disclaimer is helpful, it won’t stand up in a court of law - even if you’ve changed names and locations - so it’s always better to be cautious.
As we have so many authors, we report sales every six months. However, we appreciate that you may well wish to keep a closer eye on sales, so just drop us an email and we’d be happy to update you every once in a while (within reason!) Books are sold to retailers and wholesalers on a sale-or-return basis, which means that they generally have up to six months to return any stock that doesn’t sell. This makes sales reporting difficult during that six-month period - we can only give an approximation as to how well a book is doing, until we have the final figures in from sellers.
If you publish through Cherish Editions, we will work alongside you to promote your book. You will be sent an advanced information sheet listing the details and selling points of your book, a press release for you to send out to media contacts and designed social media graphics for your use during promotion - plus lots more. This will all be provided alongside a step-by-step marketing guide, with tips on how you can go even further to ensure your book gets as much attention as possible.
We will print 25 copies of your book in the first print run. As we start to run low on stock, we’ll contact you and arrange a reprint. We encourage authors to take some copies up front, so that they can make firm sales with individuals at events.
*Any reprints will come at an additional charge.
We’ll assign a Cherish ISBN (a publisher-specific, unique identifier for your book) to every edition of your title, and ensure the relevant data is completed and sent out to retailers ahead of the publication date. All Cherish titles will be entered into our Cherish Editions online catalogue… as well as being made available to all major retailers and online sales outlets worldwide. We will also sell all Cherish books direct to consumers, via our website. The books belong to you, so we always suggest that you hold some stock yourself at any given time, so as to be able to sell copies.
You can download our standard contract here - note, this is only for reference. You’d receive a personalised version on sign-up, complete with a bespoke schedule for your individual project.
We will recommend an RRP between £6.99 -£14.99, depending on the length and book type (children’s/mono/colour/etc). These are industry standard prices that are appropriate for the market.

The TriggerHub and Cherish teams are passionate about the power of bibliotherapy, which is why you have seen the term on our website — and why you might be wondering what it means. Bibliotherapy harnesses the power of books as a treatment or, more commonly, as a supplement to therapy. We believe that bibliotherapy is one of the three pillars of mental health recovery, alongside traditional therapy and medication as prescribed by professionals.

Of course, you should always consult with a doctor before embarking on any kind of mental health treatment or recovery program. But reading one of our books — and finding hope in someone else’s story — will only empower you as you chart your own course.

The TriggerHub group has stepped up the game for mental health recovery for millions of people around the world by elevating bibliotherapy to another level.