Stress Awareness Month: 5 Cherish Books to Read in April

Posted on 1st April 2023
April is Stress Awareness Month, a time to draw attention to the commonality of stress, as well as the many issues that this internal tension can cause. More than 70 per cent of people in the US report that stress affects their physical and/or mental health. Statistics in the UK aren't any better, with one in 14 adults reporting feeling stress every single day, and nearly 80 per cent admitting that work caused them stress. There is an alternative out... Read More »

Getting to Know Averi Ridge Castaneda, Author of The Compulsion Cloud

Posted on 23rd March 2023
Averi Ridge Castaneda's first book, The Compulsion Cloud, tells the story of a young girl named Holly, who's followed around by a bullying cloud that forces her to perform repetitive behaviours until her therapist teaches her to fight back. It's a piece of children's fiction, but for Averi, the story she tells is very real to her. Averi says, "At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Looking back though, I realize I struggled with... Read More »

World Sleep Day: 10 Tips For Getting a Great Night’s Sleep

Posted on 14th March 2023
By Stephanie Coughlan Did you know that World Sleep Day has been celebrated on the Friday before the Vernal Equinox every year since 2008? Why always a Friday? So you can shut off those pesky alarms and let your body decide when it’s time to wake up, of course! But World Sleep Day isn't just about catching Z's, at least for the team at Cherish. Research has shown that sleep plays a critical role in good mental health. According to... Read More »

University Mental Health Day: 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Health at Uni

Posted on 7th March 2023
Thursday, 9 March is University Mental Health Day. This annual event, celebrated in the UK but applicable to students the world over, aims to raise awareness of mental health issues among university students, as well as the importance of maintaining good mental health. It's no secret that university can be a stressful time for many students. There's pressure to succeed academically, manage finances, navigate social relationships... and the list goes on. According to a recent study by the UK's Office... Read More »

Checking in With Abi Appleby, Author of Me, Myself and Ana

Posted on 27th February 2023
According to estimates from The Priory Group, between 1.25 and 3.4 million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder. These conditions can manifest in many ways and affect anyone. However, despite their prevalence, they are still misunderstood, with sufferers facing stigma and misinformation that can make it difficult to seek the help they need. Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) was founded to fight these myths and misunderstandings, while helping people affected by eating disorders to understand that... Read More »

Random Acts of Kindness Day: 25 Ways to Be Kind Today

Posted on 17th February 2023
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." You've probably heard this quote before (thought to be first said by Scottish author Ian Mclaren). But today, Random Acts of Kindness Day, is the perfect moment to put it into practice. We want to highlight this important day because, as the quote reminds us, you never know what someone is going through. Your kindness might make a difference in their mental health, which is a very precious and... Read More »

Katie Allen-Mills: New Year, New Wins

Posted on 26th January 2023
We're excited to share a guest post from Katie Allen-Mills. Katie is a 25-year-old who lives in London and works in recruitment. She says, "I’m passionate about mental health as I – as well as my loved ones – suffer with it. I hope this post can bring you some comfort – you’ve got this!” *** How many times have you seen or heard the phrase “New Year, New Me”? Personally, I’ve lost count. For as long as I can... Read More »

Blue Monday: 10 Tips for a Brighter Day

Posted on 16th January 2023
By Stephanie Coughlan Feeling particularly blue this Monday? Believe it or not, there may be a scientific reason for that! Indeed, the third Monday of January is often referred to as Blue Monday, which started as a marketing ploy, but could actually be considered a manifestation of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. SAD is said to affect .5 to 3% of the general population, but it has a much greater prevalence in those suffering from mental health disorders. Specifically, it... Read More »

When to Consider Self-Publishing

Posted on 11th January 2023
Self-publishing your book is now easier than ever. With low production costs, a higher percentage of royalties and a great degree of control over the finished result, self-publishing is a highly appealing route to having your book on the shelf. Some consider self-publishing to be a last resort only to be pursued after exhausting all traditional publishing options. It is true, after all, that self-publishing entails a higher upfront cost to the author than its alternatives, but there are many... Read More »

How to Write a Book Synopsis

Posted on 11th January 2023
A book summary or book synopsis is a key component to your book proposal. Writing a good book synopsis can be the difference between having your manuscript accepted or rejected. And of course, if it’s published, whether it gets read or sits untouched on the shelf. Imagine, if you will, that you are in a bookstore, surrounded by thousands of novels, overwhelmed and unsure of what to read next. First, you narrow it down by genre and gravitate toward the... Read More »